image-150x150Founded in 1995, Putting It Together Image Consulting helps clients learn to “get it together” every day. Run by Michelle Horne, personal image consultant, the company works one-on-one with individuals to define their style identity and use that image to create success in professional and personal situations.

Clients of Putting It Together include men, women and transgender individuals ages 16 and above, as well as couples and small groups. In addition, through corporate image consulting, the company helps organizations to solve image-related challenges such as improving customer service interactions, creating effective interpersonal relationships, and helping to land major accounts. And, professional image consultants turn to Putting It Together for training in the Universal Style System®.

A Unique Approach

Putting It Together focuses on one-on-one, personalized image consulting. This approach ensures that Michelle can honor a person’s unique personality (their “personal funk”) while at the same time helping them “fit in” to whatever situations they may face.

Using a process refined over many years with a wide range of clients, Michelle is skilled at guiding clients to become comfortable enough to create a lasting, consistent and effective personal image that is effective in any situation.

For more information about Putting It Together, please read about Michelle Horne and browse the Services section of this website.