Client Stories – Corporate

Michelle Horne often provides image consulting services to corporations. Below are some examples of how she has worked with corporate clients.

Canadian Dental Association

– Janet Banting, Manager, Human Resources, CDA

“As part of our workplace ‘Achieving Balance’ initiative, we hired Michelle Horne to give CDA employees an opportunity to learn more about their personal style during a Staff Wellness Day. Business offices today are moving away from business casual toward more formal attire, and we felt that Michelle could present relevant information on dress, first impressions and business etiquette. Balancing work and home life is a challenge, and we felt that Michelle could also offer creative ideas to help employees determine their personal styles and how to translate that into work attire.

“Michelle’s session, ‘Balancing Your Image’, was informative, engaging and thought provoking. She made the connection between personal style/wardrobe choices and behavioural types — this was entirely new information that employees found very interesting. She also discussed the importance of first impressions and how individuals present themselves. Using a before/after example with one of our own employees, she powerfully illustrated the impact that dress and style can have on self-confidence and self-image.

“This was one of the most successful employee seminars we have offered, evidenced by the enthusiastic feedback from attendees. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle in organizing the session, and I will highly recommend her for similar employee events to my colleagues, as well as for more focused one-on-one coaching.”