Client Stories – Men

Putting It Together Image Consulting works with men and women to help refine — or define — personal image. Find out how the experience has helped some of Michelle Horne’s male clients.

Investment Advisor Takes Control of Image

– Sheldon Rice, Investment Advisor
“First impressions count – people see our clothing and appearance even before they have a conversation with us. Since I’m communicating an image whether I like it or not, I decided that I might as well be deliberate about it.

“Michelle Horne got me thinking about what I’m communicating to others through my outward appearance. I tend not to focus on this, so it is a nice treat to consider it now. Michelle has made me more conscious of what I’m ‘saying’ with my clothes.”

Career Coach & Entrepreneur Changes Attitude with Image

– Lee, Career Coach and Business Owner
“Working with Michelle Horne has increased my confidence in all professional situations, especially when I am networking. Partly that is due to my clothing, but it is even more due to my attitude, which has also changed thanks to Michelle.

“Michelle’s focus on my personality and my goals was invaluable. Because I am not a natural shopper, it was very important for me to have a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish before I could buy new clothes or part with old clothing.

“Shopping with Michelle is a great experience, but she has also trained me to be a better shopper on my own. I attribute greater knowledge and increased confidence to Michelle – for me, this is just the beginning!” ”

Paramedic Doesn’t Hide Behind His Uniform

– Matthew Tremble, Critical Care Flight Paramedic, Ottawa
“I used to depend on my friends’ opinions about what ‘looked good’ I and was encouraged to buy things simply because they were on sale. I really had no sense of what colours and styles worked for or against me. So, I had a wardrobe of clothing that I rarely wore and a disdain for shopping. With Michelle’s expertise and gentle guidance, I developed an understanding and ability to choose colours and fashions that suit my physique and personality type.

“Michelle’s process taught me a lot about myself. I feel more in control of the perceptions I create, and I find that what I wear can set the tone for the type of evening I’m going to have. Although I wear a uniform at work, I have developed a wardrobe of clothing that easily suits elegant social settings and important workplace meetings. Having clothing that makes me feel good exudes confidence and happiness – people respond positively to positive upbeat people.

“The investment I made in myself will undoubtedly save me money in the sense that I will no longer make a purchase that will only be worn once or twice before becoming a hand-me-down or clothing donation. Developing an understanding of how to outfit myself in terms of what looked good on me as well as what I wanted to communicate to others was very empowering. I now dress and shop with confidence, and that’s something others are able to sense in me.”