Client Stories – Women

Here, some of Michelle Horne’s women clients talk about the role Putting It Together has played in their lives.

  • Bank Manager Uses Image to Convey Authority in Small Community
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  • Business Owner Instills Client Confidence Through Use of Image
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  • Marketer’s Image Creates New Credibility in Workplace
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  • Nurse Rediscovers Pleasure of Dressing and Shopping for Full Figure
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  • Authentic Image Helps True Personality Come Through
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  • New Image Attracts New People
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  • Asserting Her Style in the Public Service
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  • Company Owner Really Takes Ownership
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Bank Manager Uses Image to Convey Authority in Small Community

– Cindy, Bank Branch Manager
“In my job, I often deal with clients’ concerns. When I feel that my appearance is at its best – with good colour and style choices – I feel empowered to deal with anything that comes my way. Because I am not worrying about, ‘am I conveying the right image’, or, ‘am I being taken seriously?’, I can focus on the problem and even feel that I’m inspiring confidence in the client that I’m meeting. This goes a long way toward finding solutions.

“When I first started working with Michelle Horne, I thought the process would strictly revolve around my physical appearance and how to dress appropriately. But I have also taken away ideas about how I present myself on an emotional level to the outside world. Working with Michelle has caused me to re-evaluate my place in the world and what I bring to the table. It has increased my confidence and helps me carry myself with greater confidence and authority. This is perhaps extra important to me because I represent a company in a small community.

“It’s also a bonus that others are taking note of the changes. They commend that I look good and appear brighter. This is the reaction I’m looking for – rather than someone simply saying that they like the outfit I’m wearing.” ”

Business Owner Instills Client Confidence Through Use of Image

– Maria F., Business Owner
“As a new-ish business owner, I was having difficulty ‘owning’ my role as the President of a small firm. I tended to use clothing, hair and colour to diminish my physical presence professionally, in the misguided attempt to let my work ‘speak for itself.’ To offset that, I would use personal situations to ‘express’ myself, and I would go a bit crazy with my appearance. As a result I often received non-verbal and verbal feedback that I was intimidating or ‘intense’.

“Going through Michelle Horne’s process has changed everything. I see now the power of image in professional situations – clients want to feel confidence in me, and with the proper use of style choices and colour, I witness almost every day how my image instills that confidence in them. Michelle has also taught me how to modify my style for different types of professional situations, and I have successfully used these new skills to take control of one difficult client relationship.

“My image is also now better aligned with my personality and I receive feedback such as that I look ‘beautiful’, ‘rested’, and ‘sparkly’. No one ever thinks I’ve undergone any drastic change, but most people who know me notice me in a new, more positive way. As an added bonus, I’m now a much more efficient and effective shopper. I buy less clothing and makeup now, but for the first time ever I regularly wear every single item in my wardrobe. What I wear and the way I look is no longer a time-consuming source of stress and worry. It’s now very natural and much more fun to ‘put myself together’ every day.”

Marketer’s Image Creates New Credibility in the Workplace

– Eva, Marketing Officer
“Prior to working with Michelle Horne, I had no idea that certain colours and colour combinations affect the way others perceive me and behave toward me. But now that I have made changes to my image based on Michelle’s advice, I’m reminded of that truth every day.

“Thanks to Michelle, my new, polished appearance is more in sync with my professional status. I also have a real sense of freedom because I am less self-conscious, and more confident because I get so much amazing, positive feedback from co-workers and others every day.

“I can definitely attribute one outstanding development at work to Michelle’s image advice: my managers unexpectedly decided to relieve me of the mundane, time-consuming administrative tasks I had been doing so that I could concentrate on the more creative aspects of my marketing projects, which I love.”

Nurse Rediscovers Pleasure in Dressing and Shopping for Full Figure

– Lindsay N., Nurse
“Although I am a nurse who wears scrubs almost 24×7, working with Michelle Horne has taught me that appearance and image are about more than what you wear. They are also about how I carry myself, what messages about myself I send, and how ‘put together’ I look. My appearance affects the confidence and trust that a patient instills in me, and being put together and self-confident allows them to feel safe in my care.

“One of the most important things I have taken away from working with Michelle is how to dress successfully for my shape and size, and embrace it no matter what it is. For the first time in years I am looking at myself in the mirror again and feeling great confidence. I enjoy shopping again and am taking care of myself again.

“It’s a treat to receive wonderful reactions on my appearance from family, friends, and my significant other – everyone is amazed by my transformation. I feel so much better getting ready in the morning, and more complete.”

Authentic Image Helps True Personality Come Through

– Jane, Television Advertising Supervisor
“Before working with Michelle Horne, I didn’t feel that my wardrobe reflected my true personality and lifestyle…. I wanted to move forward personally and professionally with a certain image. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on what I ‘thought’ looked good on me only to end up with an overall inconsistent appearance.

“From my first meeting with Michelle, she proved to be a very warm, approachable and professional person who had, as I later found out, an uncanny ability to see who the real person is, from the inside out, and to translate this externally.

“After a full day’s consultation with Michelle, I now have more than enough tools to feel like I can be a confident shopper. She gave me a plan that is very easy to follow and put into action. I feel like the real me has finally been brought out. I also spent half a day shopping with Michelle, and I learned a lot about where, when and how to shop; what to look for in the cut and design of clothing; what can and cannot be altered to fit my body type; how to deal with salespeople; how to get even better savings than those on the tags, and more.

“Michelle Horne has not changed who I am, but she has helped me show the world who I have always been.”

New Image Attracts New People

– Joanna C., Administrator
“Since working with Michelle Horne of Putting It Together, I have experienced a significant change in my social interactions. Suddenly, people who don’t know me strike up conversations with me, and those who don’t normally talk to me now chat with me! ‘Getting it together’ from an image perspective has also helped me to be more assertive – I feel that I am coming back to life, and am excited by the whole process. One of the best parts of Michelle’s process is that I no longer have to think about what I wear each day because it is so much easier to do. I am enjoying paying attention to my appearance, and also the great changes that it is bringing about in my confidence and my interpersonal relationships.”

Asserting Her Style in the Public Service

– Cindy, Public Servant, Ottawa
“Before I worked with Michelle Horne, I would often guess at what types of clothes suited me. I ended up spending a lot of money needlessly on items that I would only wear once or twice because they were not easy to mix and match, or because they weren’t stylish. Michelle helped me to develop a sense of my personal style, my colours and my clothing personality.

“Image is important when you work on Parliament Hill. Now, I feel much more confident about my appearance, so I can focus on other confidence-building skills in my profession. I’m very new to my job position, and confidence is very helpful in adjusting to a new job. I no longer worry about whether I look professional or whether my clothing suits me.

“Many people have commented on my appearance to say that I look absolutely fabulous — better than ever! I feel that my outer appearance now reflects the inner happiness and confidence that my new position has brought me.”

Company Owner Really Takes Ownership

– Tracey, Owner of Construction Company
“When I first met Michelle Horne, I was in a rut. It seemed that all I was buying was jeans and sneakers. As the co-owner of a construction business, I didn’t feel I was getting the attention and respect I needed in many business situations. I deal with accounts and financials, so it’s serious business … but I didn’t look or feel serious.

“Michelle’s process surpassed everything I expected or guessed it might be. It is about much more than makeup, hair and clothes. Michelle and her process have helped me grow into the person I needed to be, even though I didn’t really know who that person was when started the process. At first, I was a bit worried that I’d end up looking like someone who wasn’t me – boy, was I wrong! Working with Michelle Horne wasn’t a make-over – it was a growing experience.

“Thanks to Putting It Together, now I feel like I am in control ever single day and I have taken ownership of who and what I am. Her process provided me with tools that I didn’t even know I lacked, and because of that, people listen to me when I speak and I have the confidence to deal with people in a more authoritative way. Having the confidence to take ownership of my professional role is reflected to others. Now, when people walk into the office they know that I am the one they need to speak with.

“Getting in touch with Michelle was one of the best things I have ever done. I recommend her and all the professionals she works with without hesitation.”