Professional Image Refinement

Putting It Together provides one-on-one image consulting and personal image development coaching to professionals who want to improve or refine their image and take control of communicating their intent in business situations.

At some point in almost every career, you will reach a major career milestone. You will want to feel confident that the image you present conveys the professional level you have attained. An effective professional image also plays a role in successfully managing work relationships, negotiations, and management tasks.

What to Expect

You will work directly with Putting It Together President and personal image consultant Michelle Horne. Together, you’ll apply a variety of analysis tools to articulate your unique image identity. You’ll then learn how to incorporate the elements of that identity (such as colour, clothing style, style personality and personal funk) into a successful professional image that can be managed for a variety of situations.

You will understand how to apply your image to make the right first impression for a number of situations, to influence negotiations, to excel at networking events, to choose proper business attire for lunch or dinner meetings, “casual” days, and more.

Where to Start

The first step is to contact Michelle Horne to assess your specific needs and help you choose which personal image consulting services will be useful to meet your goals. Applicable services may include:

  • Colour analysis
  • Style personality assessment
  • Body type analysis
  • Grooming for men
  • Makeup selection
  • Hair colour and consultation
  • Eyewear selection
  • Wardrobe renovation
  • Custom tailoring
  • Styling (e.g. photo shoots, special occasions)
  • Shopping
  • Etiquette and communication
  • Ongoing coaching and style updates

You may also be interested in a Putting It Together Special Image Consulting Package — or you can ask Michelle to create a package for you.