Saving Time & Money

Image consulting from Putting It Together can change your perspective on self-maintenance. Perhaps you want to look your best everyday but it seems impossible to find the time to mull over wardrobe choices or accessorize an outfit. Or, you may have a wardrobe full of expensive clothing that you never wear. Putting It Together can help!

Putting It Together provides one-on-one image consulting services that helps busy people present themselves at their best in an efficient and cost-effective way. With a clear set of guidelines, you’ll find shopping is fast and effective. You’ll avoid the wrong purchases and learn to shop as effectively in discount shops as you would in a high-end store with doting sales staff.

What to Expect

Working one-on-one with Putting It Together President and personal image consultant Michelle Horne, you’ll be introduced to a variety of analysis tools that will identify your image identity. You’ll then be shown how to incorporate the elements of that identity (colour, clothing style, style personality, personal funk) into an image that is easy to manage and maintain. Michelle will help you develop a fast get-ready routine that ensures you look polished no matter how rushed you may be.

Where to Start

The first step is to contact Michelle Horne and speak with her to assess your specific needs and decide which services will be useful to meet your goals. Applicable services may include:

  • Colour analysis
  • Style personality assessment
  • Body type analysis
  • Grooming for men
  • Makeup selection
  • Hair colour and consultation
  • Eyewear selection
  • Wardrobe renovation
  • Custom tailoring
  • Shopping
  • Ongoing coaching and style updates

You may also be interested in a Putting It Together Special Package – or you can ask Michelle to create a package for you.