Transgender Image Consulting

Discovering your natural beauty, image identity and style personality as a woman can be daunting if you’re getting a late start. An image coach can ease this transition and make it a fun, creative process.

Michelle Horne, President of Putting It Together Image Consulting, works with individuals undergoing gender transition to help them identify, articulate and align one’s authentic self with outward appearances. Michelle’s effective process ensures your style remains true to your personalities while you present an image that is effective in all personal and professional situations.

What to Expect

Working one-on-one with Michelle, you’ll be introduced to a variety of analysis tools that will identify and articulate your unique style identity and body type. You’ll then be shown how to incorporate the elements of that identity (colour, clothing style, style personality, personal funk) into an image that successfully conveys your personality and femininity.

Depending on your needs, you may be shown how to shop for clothing that fits, assemble outfits for any occasion, apply makeup, choose hair colour and styles, and more. Michelle is an experienced coach who creates a safe space for you to explore your authentic image.

Where to Start

The first step is to contact Michelle Horne and speak with her to assess your specific needs and decide which services will be useful to meet your goals. Applicable services may include:

  • Colour analysis (clothing, makeup, hair)
  • Style personality assessment
  • Body type analysis
  • Grooming for men
  • Makeup selection
  • Hair colour and consultation
  • Eyewear selection
  • Wardrobe renovation
  • Custom tailoring
  • Shopping
  • Ongoing coaching and style updates

You may also be interested in a Putting It Together Special Image Consulting Package – or you can ask Michelle to create a package for you.